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Chris Herbs got attacked

Using KALAH self defence system our students survived: Attacks on their and their loved ones’ lives, as well as rape situations and knife attacks. All glory to God.

Chris Herbs got attacked at midnight by two attackers (one with a firearm, one with a knife) both of whom came to his house intending to kill him and his family. Chris fought and managed to disarm both of them. He suffered minor injuries. One attacker got severely injured, the other ran away.

Nanna got attacked

One of our students, Nanna, got attacked at around midnight, fighting against eight attackers with cold weapons who wanted to rape and torture her. She managed to escape, and the attackers ran away. She finished in hospital with minor injuries.


Another student attacked

Another of our students who had attended Farmer Tactical Training defended himself against an attacker coming at him with a knife from the back. He overcame the attacker and put him down, controlled him, applied arrest, and called the police. The doctor stitched his back up while he smiled, like we see in the picture.


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