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What our students have to say about KALAH

I Want to thank you Idan for training you gave me not Mickey Mouse training but proper hard realistic training. About an hour ago me and a friend of mine where part of a armed robbery thank God we where not part of the ones who got hurt but i was able to think, react and keep my friend safe even though everybody around us where hysterical and could not function with AK47 bullets flying around us. Read More

Kalah takes training to a new level and is based upon proven and sound principles. In my career I am certain that this training is of the highest calibre and is the best course I have attended to date. Idan is a formidable leader with such humility, training with him teaches lessons that extends even beyond the Kalah curriculum, his exceptional leadership transforms lives. Read More

I have been in Martial Arts for over 25 years. I have trained with many instructors, police, special forces, and military people. I have been boxing for 40 years. I own the most famous boxing gym in the world and have trained some of the best boxers in the world.
There are maybe half a dozen combative instructors and systems in the world I have found to be the best of the best.Read More

Tom Tsatas

Co-owner 5th St. Gym

Sometimes we get the opportunity to do something that is truly worthwhile and inspires us.
The last couple of days spent with the training team at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, going through our techniques and training approach has been one of those times. Firstly and most importantly we should be proud that our country has men like this, training to super human levels so they can protect us. Every last man impressed me with his attitude and ability.Read More

On this day 25th March 2017 (it was a Saturday) I met Idan for the first time. Idan immediately got my attention by the way he spoke about self defence and combat. I was nervous but glad to be there. We did 10/15 minutes of Krav Maga with Lior and then 10/15 minutes of KALAH with Idan over 5 hours. And I can tell you this, I was used to the Krav mentality as that is what I was practicing, But when it was time to do KALAH for the first time I was instantly shocked.Read More

Me and my team have experimented with a few tactical systems and Kalah definitely is without a question the best and it is very difficult to not agree as we have put it to the test in a lot of scenarios

Hennie de Vos

I need to analyse, understand, test, and question my certainties, so I’m often defined as a researcher. Experienced in Kyokushin, Russian Combat, TAIKIKEN, and Krav Maga among others, I grew intrigued by the KALAH self defence system and its founder, Idan Abolnik.
During a basic but intensive training in Bordeaux, KALAH quickly won me over with its humility and pragmatism, clean of any unnecessary or aesthetic gesture or behaviour.
Read More

As the owner of a specialised security business in South Africa, it was my greatest honour to have attended the KALAH TACTICAL INSTRUCTORS course held in South Africa. As a qualified Close Protection Officer, Investigator, and Security Consultant, with vast amounts of theoretical and practical experience, it quickly became evident that I wasn’t as well trained Read More

Steve Jagga

Owner of Protection SA

My first contact with KALAH was in 2016, like most people, through videos posted on the internet.
Seeing the speed of the defenses and the solutions proposed by Idan in his explanations, aroused my curiosity for this system, which, later on, became part of my life and, to which, he has my confidence to protect it if one day necessary.Read More

Dennis Magalhães

Kalah Combat System Instructor Federal Police Agent